Standard Service - £35

Excludes the price of replacement parts

  • Full Safety inspection
  • All components checked for wear
  • Gears adjusted to improve performance (where possible) *
  • Brakes adjusted to improve performance (where possible) *


What if I have worn components?

If your components are deemed worn beyond use by our mechanics, you will be advised as to what needs replacing and the cost of the replacements. It is then your choice whether you would like to continue with the service. No work will be carried out until we have written confirmation of your decision. You will not be charged additional labour fee’s, this is covered by our standard service price.

If you decide not to continue with the service, then you will just be charged the standard service fee.


Frame Swap

Excludes the price of any replacement or additional parts.

  • Road Bike (mechanical gear, calliper brake) - £90.00 – Includes cables and tape
  • Road Bike (mechanical gear, disc brake) - £110.00 – Includes tape
  • TT Bike (mechanical gear) – £95.00 – Includes cables and tape
  • Track Bike - £60.00 – Includes tape


Terms and conditions

  • Any bicycles found to be excessively dirty will be rejected, our mechanics cannot work with excessively dirty components.
  • Please allow 3-7 working days for work on your bicycle to be completed. If parts need replacing, please be aware this time frame could increase if they need ordering in.
  • It may not be possible to adjust gears or brakes for more efficient performance if parts are worn and need replacing.