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Purpose-built and performance-driven, all of our bike wheels are hand-built here in the UK at our factory. Whether you’re tackling rough roads, gravel or dirt tracks, our reliable wheels let you ride with confidence no matter the terrain, weather or discipline. Take a look at our range below and discover lightweight, durable, laterally stiff and vertically compliant bicycle wheels.

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Mavic iO Rio Front Tubular Track Wheel
£48.03 per month on finance
Fast Forward Disc-T Rear Wheel
£28.69 per month on finance
Fast Forward Disc-T Front Wheel
£28.69 per month on finance
Campagnolo Ghibli Track Tubular Wheel - Front
£42.39 per month on finance
Campagnolo Ghibli Track Tubular Wheel - Rear
£42.39 per month on finance
FFWD FIVE-T track front wheel - (White-Black)
£35.12 per month on finance
Mavic Cosmic SL 32 Disc Wheelset
£29.84 per month on finance
Mavic Cosmic SL 45 Disc Wheelset
£29.84 per month on finance
Mavic Cosmic SL 40 Wheelset
£29.84 per month on finance
Campag Shamal Carbon Disc 2-Way Tubeless Wheelset
£27.87 per month on finance
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Next Level Speed & Performance

If you’re looking to give your bike a makeover, we have you covered. We pride ourselves on the performance of our wheels and offer the highest quality in each and every bike wheelset we offer. Whether you’re looking for front wheels, rear wheels, bicycle wheelsets or even parts and spares, let Dolan enable you to unleash the true potential of your bike. We’re here to help boost your performance, upgrade your bike’s quality and assist you in improving your potential on the roads or on the track. 

Choosing the right wheels 

Ensuring that you have the best wheelset for your bike can transform not only how you ride, but how your bike performs.Whatever your discipline, Dolan offers a range of bike wheels to suit you and your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all wheels fit all bikes? 

This can depend on the make and model of your bike. In general, as long as the wheel size and tyre diameter comfortably sit within the fork and rear stays, they will fit your bike. However, tyres that are extra wide, extra skinny or purpose-built may not be suitable for your frame or wheels. 

Are all road bike wheels 700c? 

Most road bikes in the UK can be equipped with 700c wheels. However, if you’re changing or upgrading the wheels on your bike, check out their specifications before fitting. 

Is it worth upgrading road bike wheels? 

If you’re looking to boost your bike’s performance, improve your speed on the roads or just improve the quality of your bike’s build, then it’s worth upgrading your road bike wheels. We offer a range of road bike wheelsets to suit a range of riding needs. 

Why are carbon wheels better than aluminium? 

Carbon wheels can be better than aluminium wheels for a range of reasons. The main reasons are that carbon is much lighter and stiffer, and this can improve both handling and acceleration on your bike. For this reason, carbon tends to be the material of choice for racers and athletes alike. 

Do wheels affect ride quality?

Yes. In essence, the better the wheel, the better the bike. This is something we wholeheartedly believe here at Dolan, so you can trust that our wheels deliver when you need them to.