Bike Seatposts


Suitable for varying price points, the Dolan range of bike seatposts is stocked by our popular in-house brand Alpina, coming in different sizes, colours and styles. They may not look like much, but the seatpost is a key component that connects your frame to your seat. Also called a saddle pin, pole or pillar, the bike’s seatpost is an important part of a bike’s structure, so be sure to do your research on which one is best for you before you buy!

Often overlooked, the seatpost is the element within your frame that allows you to adjust both the height and angle of the seat. On top of this, your seatpost can help enhance your ride and provide a smoother experience on the road. If you ride a mountain or hybrid bike, you can also get suspension seatposts that allow for shock absorption on steep inclines and rocky descents.

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