NEW Atreus Carbon Road E-Bike
From £3099.98
Our fully carbon Dolan Atreus frameset, features a fully integrated cable routing system concealing the FSA eBike assistance system. Offering 250W, with 43nm, through 5 levels of assistance the Dolan Atreus makes those rides of the past a reality again. Operating via a highly intuitive integrated torque sensor, the Dolan Atreus is ready for those headwinds, slight ramps in the roads or the climbs into the hills you choose to tackle. An interior housed battery, offers upto 100km of assistance depending on gradient , through the educated use of the 5 varying levels. Optional extras available, will be a secondary battery source housed in the seat tube bottle cage, further extending the range of the Dolan Atreus.
Frame Material:Carbon
UCI Approved:N/A
Tyres Sizes:With Mudguards - Max 28mm - Without Mudguards - Max 32mm
Fittings:Mudguards / Bottle Bosses
Ideal Use
  • Commuting
  • Touring
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What is a road e-bike?

A road e-bike offers drop handlebars and a riding position that’s more geared for sport when compared to a MTB or gravel bike. On road e-bikes, you’ll also have a gear range that’s suited to different terrains.

Do you stock carbon fibre electric bikes?

Yes. In fact, our most popular model is our new Atreus bike, which comes with a full carbon frameset and a fully equipped FSA eBike assistance system.

How fast is an e-bike from Dolan?

Our e-bike is capable of 15mph, making it perfect for road use.

What is the best e-bike you sell?

The Dolan Atreus e-bike is our best selling e-bike, and can reach up to 15mph on the road. It comes with a five year warranty, and offers a sleek carbon frameset.

Are e-bikes legal in the UK?

In the UK, you don’t need a licence to ride an electric bike.

Electric road bike vs. normal road bike - which is best?

The key difference between an electric road bike and a normal road bike is that electric road bikes can propel you further alongside your own pedal power. You can also travel further over long distances and they’re on the rise in terms of popularity.

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