Single Speed Bikes

Sometimes an array of gears doesn’t take your fancy. Stripped back to their raw form, single-speed bikes make for a true connection with every pedal stroke. Optional freewheel upgrades allow for the creation of a bike to suit your riding style. When combined with an array of customisations the Dolan fixed gear range creates a unique sense of being at one with the bike.

Dolan FXE Aluminium Fixie Bike
From £699.98
With a minimalist approach, the Dolan FXE in a lightweight, sleek design encompasses all of the fundamental aspects of what makes a top urban bike. Designed for fixed-gear riding, the FXE is also compatible with flip flop hubs which provide the additional option of a fixed sprocket or freewheel. As an adaptable urban solution, it can be tailored to your own particular style.Compatible with front and rear mudguards, the FXE is the urban companion that performs in all weather, all year round. In a frame designed with an oversized downtube, it provides those sought-after characteristics of any urban bike, both low weight and stiffness. For ultimate efficiency on the fixed gear commute, the FXE is a top-performer.
Frame Material:Aluminium
Brakes:Rim Brake (57 mm deep drop caliper brake)
UCI Approved:N/A
Tyres Sizes:23mm to 25mm Max
Fittings:Front and Rear Mudguard Mounts, Rear Pannier Mounts, Bottle Bosses
Ideal Use
  • Commuting
  • Winter Riding
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What are single-speed bikes?

Also known as fixed gear bikes, single-speed bikes feature only one gear. The bike does not have gear shifters or cables, making it extremely lightweight and easy to maintain. Favoured by commuters and couriers alike, this bike is built for ease of use, speed and minimalist aesthetics.

Although they can be known as fixed gear bikes or fixie bikes, not all single-speed bikes are classified as such. This is because, on some models, you aren’t able to freewheel, meaning that if your back wheel is turning, then your cranks are too. At Dolan, we offer optional freewheel upgrades.

Advantages of a single-speed bike

Whether you’re using a single-speed bike regularly or just occasionally, they’re extremely reliable, low maintenance and fun. They feature no gears or derailleurs which could easily be damaged through regular use. But don’t let that fool you, these bikes aren’t just for use in an urban environment. Single-speed or fixie bikes can easily be used on other flat terrains, such as flat woodland cycle paths.

If you’re looking to buy a single-speed bike, there are a number of things you should look out for:

  • Frame size - to find out the best frame size for your body, measure the length of the inside of your leg and use our handy measurement guide to find the best match. For our popular FXE single-speed bike, you can find the exact measurement guide on the product page. 
  • Frame material - our FXE single-speed bike comes with an aluminium frame which makes it durable and lightweight. 
  • Handlebars - many models come with either drop or flat handlebars. These drop handlebars allow you to ride faster and have a better handle on the bike, which can be handy in windy conditions.


Do you offer a warranty with your single-speed bikes?

Yes, we offer a warranty of 5 years for all of our bikes.

What are the benefits of riding a single-speed bike?

They’re ideal for commuters or city cyclists and come with no derailleurs or gears that can become damaged through excessive riding. If your model has drop handlebars this may also be a benefit to you, as you can essentially have a better grasp of the bike.