Rear Derailleurs


Rear derailleurs are mechanisms that work with your shifter in order to move your bike chain when you change gears. When a derailleur is in good working condition, your ride will feel smoother overall and you’ll notice that you can shift gears more efficiently. All bikes have both front and rear derailleurs, and each has its own working component within the bike frame.

At Dolan, we have an exceptional range of rear bike derailleurs to suit your riding style. So, whether you ride hard and fast on country lanes or you like to tackle gravel routes and race tracks, we have you covered.

From Simano’s Shadow technology to the GRX revolutionary Di2 shifting system, our rear derailleurs are reliable in not only varied road conditions, but weather and rider variations too. Offering fast and effortless gear changes to wireless connectivity, Dolan’s derailleur range gives cyclists a seamless interface that enhances their connection to their bike.