Triathlon Bikes

When one sport just isn’t enough, triathletes tackle three in one competition. With the ever-growing performance benefits associated with the latest equipment, a new purchase could be the difference between achieving that greatly desired result this season. 

Whether you compete at Sprint Distance, Full Distance or Ironman distance the combination of triathletes' feedback and 40 years of bike building experience will help to achieve your best time possible into transition 2.

Dolan TR1 Triathlon Carbon Disc Bike
From £3,749.99
Your bike split just got faster. The Dolan TR1, Our Triathlon specific, fully customisable build. Designed and refined by a collaboration of the worlds best triathletes and Dolan Bikes development team, the Dolan TR1 will set you up for your fastest bike split to date. Featuring fully internal cable routing, offering a sleek aero profiled design, the full carbon Dolan TR1 frameset allows for a collection of additional extras specific to your chosen event. In a sport where position is everything, the Dolan TR1 features integrated hydration tanks, food and tool boxes, ensuring your optimal aero position can be maintained throughout your chosen event. Incorporating the latest technology in the bicycle industry, the Dolan TR1 incorporates 12 mm bolt thru axles, paired with full hydraulic brakes, guaranteeing a solid connection between bike and rider. In addition, being Di2 and EPS compatible, accompanied by a fully adjustable cockpit allows you to create a rider specific position, built around your specifications with ease.
Frame Material:Carbon
Brakes:TRP T910 Disc
UCI Approved:N/A
Tyres Sizes:28mm
Fittings: Hydration Tank, Tool Box, Food box, 2 x bottle bosses
Ideal Use
  • Racing
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What exactly is a triathlon bike?

Also known as TT bikes (time trial), triathlon bikes have a distinct frame design that changes the rider's position. Probably the most notable characteristic of a triathlon bike is its steep seat angle; these bikes put the rider in an aerodynamic position that helps them ride in a more streamlined way.


What are the best Dolan triathlon bike features?

The Dolan TR1 Triathlon Bike is a fully customisable build that has been developed by the experts at Dolan Bikes and the best professional triathletes in the world. This bike is perfect for beginners and professional riders alike and comes with features such as a full carbon lightweight frameset, all internal cable routing for ease of use and a collection of additional extras.

This modern frame incorporates the latest technology with a view of bringing a closer relationship between the rider and the build. The ergonomic design also pushes comfort to the forefront, so you can focus on the challenge at hand. Find out more about the TR1, its geometry and our size guide here.

What is special about a triathlon bike?

Triathlon bikes are specially designed and built with triathlon competitions in mind. That means that the seat tubing is steeper, the angle of the seat is different and the body of the bike itself is built with the performance of the rider as its main priority. On a triathlon bike, your hips sit forward, putting less pressure on the hamstrings while cycling.

What is the difference between a triathlon bike and a road bike?

The main difference between both bikes is that road bikes feature a classic drop bar, whereas a triathlon bike features a base bar and other extensions to the frame.

Do triathlon bikes have gears?


Can you use any bike for a triathlon?

Although you can use different types of bikes for triathlon races, triathlon bikes are built specifically with racing in mind, making them a better choice overall, especially for amateur professional triathletes.