Bike Cranks


Bike cranks are essential on all bikes for pushing the chain or belt and propelling the bike forward. They usually consist of a few sprockets, and they’re attached to the crank arms on which the pedals are attached. It could be argued that the crankset is the most essential part of your bike, as it ensures that you’re always pedalling to the best of both yours and the bike’s ability.

When it comes to updating your changing bike crank on your build, it’s important to understand which crank is ideal for you and your needs. All of the power in your legs is pushed through your cranks before it hits the chain and wheels, so choosing the right bike crank can help develop your riding style too.

At Dolan, we offer a range of bike cranks. Choose from the latest Sugino or Alpina brand cranks whether you’re an entry-level rider or a pro athlete.

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