Bike Chainsets


Whether you need a speed chainset, a crankset and bottom bracket or a chainset for a track tandem bike, Dolan has you covered. We offer chainsets from brands such as Alpina, Sugino and Shimano.

Every bike comes with a chainset. If you’re building your own bike, choosing the right one for your needs is important. By definition, a chainset consists of components that help drive a bike’s chain and propel the bike as you ride. It has two sides, and comes with a crank arm attached to one or more of the chainrings.

If you’re considering changing yours, it can be worth checking out the bottom bracket as well. Usually, brackets and chainsets tend to need replacing at the same time. Plus, changing them at the same time helps to reduce hassle. It’s usually time to change or replace your chainset when you feel increased stiffness as you pedal.