Cycle Scheme

Dolan Bikes is delighted to accept all Cycle to Work Schemes offering up to 42% discounts on purchases on new bikes with the added bonus of Dolan Bikes of paying your admin fee too.

How Cycle Scheme Purchases Work?

To purchase using the Cycle Scheme requires you to apply for a Cycle Scheme Certificate with your employers HR department through the companies chosen Cycle Scheme provider. Upon receipt of Certificate or Letter of Collection, forward this onto our sales team who will apply to your chosen order.

How do I get a quote for my employer?
For those employers who require a quote for Cycle Scheme purchases, add your chosen bike build and any additional accessories to your basket. Upon reaching payment method, select ‘Cycle Scheme Quote’, this will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your chosen build along with pricing. Cycle Scheme quotes are stored on our system for 30days to allow you apply for and forward on your Certificate or Letter or Collection for redemption by the Dolan Bikes Cycle Scheme team.

We accept the following the Cycle Scheme Providers
If your employer is registered with Cyclescheme,

Vivup Cyclescheme.
If your employer is registered with VIVUP,

Cycle Plus.
If your employer is registered with Cycle Plus,

Bike 2 Work.
If your employer is registered with Bike  2 Work,

Halfords Cycle 2 Work.
If your employer is registered with Halfords Cycle 2 Work,

If your employer is registered with Gemelli Employee Benefits,

Wheelies Cycle Solutions
If your employer is registered with Wheelies Cycle Solutions,

Caboodle - Salary Exchange
If your employer is registered with Caboodle Salary Exchange,

Enjoy Benefits
If your employer is registered with Enjoy Benefits,

Green Commute initiative Ltd
If your employer is registered with Green commute initiative,


1. Once I receive the bike, do I become its rightful owner?
Your employer remains the legal owner of the bike until the end of the lease period. At that point, your employer may choose to either keep the bike or sell it to you for a "nominal sum" as laid out in the terms of their scheme.

2. How long after I've ordered can I expect to get my bike?
Once you've ordered we'll ask you to send us your signed voucher along with some photo ID. Once we've received your voucher, we'll contact you to make any additional payments due on the order and arrange a delivery date which is usually 7-10 working days once we have received your voucher.

4. Can I make an additional payment over the voucher value?
If you would like to spend above the voucher value a payment can be made by calling us on 01704 897711.

5. How long have I got to get the voucher to you before the order is cancelled?
We store order on our system for 30 days, if you require longer this can be arranged if you, speak to our sales team.

6. What bikes are available on the scheme?
All new bikes can be purchased using Cycle Scheme, Clearance or Outlet Bikes cannot be purchased using Cycle Scheme, unfortunately.

7. I have received an e Certificate from cycle scheme. What do I do now?
You need to forward the e-mail to and attach a copy of your photo ID (e.g. passport, driving license).