Bike Sprockets


Although small, sprockets are an integral part of your bike, and keeping them in good condition will guarantee a smooth ride every time. Designed to rotate the links of a bike chain or belt, sprockets help to keep your bike moving. If your chain or belt is no longer working properly, or if it starts to creak, it could be a sign that you need new sprockets.

The type of bike you ride and its gear system will influence which sprockets you will need. Our top tip is to make sure that you know the size of the sprockets and the number of teeth you need on your sprockets before ordering them to ensure a quick and easy installation. If you need assistance with choosing your sprockets, feel free to drop into our showroom or contact our customer service team.

At Dolan, we offer a number of sprockets. Shop our range below and discover brands such as Token, Alpina and more.

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