Bike Bags & Racks


Ideal for carrying gear and supplies, bike bags and racks are essential for riders who travel long distances. A bike bag can provide a convenient and secure way to store your tools, food, and other essentials. They can come in various sizes and styles to suit a range of riding preferences and can be attached to handlebars, your saddle or a rear pannier rack. Bike racks are designed to help hold your bike bags in place during transportation. They can be mounted on the front or rear of your bike, depending on their design. At Dolan, we stock a range of bike racks to suit different bike types. Our popular Titanium Pannier rack is built in our UK factory and features a 135 rear spacer.

If you’re looking to buy a bike bag or rack, consider not only the durability of the product but the capability and compatibility with your bike too. At Dolan, we stock both bike bags and racks, all of which can be found below.

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