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Shimano GRX ST-RX815 DI2 Shift Levers/BR-RX810 Flat Mount Calipers 2x11

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Product Code: SFTBGRXRX815
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Ride through the gravel and mud with this stunning model which delivers stress-free operation on the bumpiest of rides.  It features some of the most sought-after technologies including the revolutionary Di2 shifting system which gives you instant, precise and lightning-fast shifts. To top it off, its raised hood prevents slipping, so you can enjoy improved confidence and grip on rough surfaces and descents.


Di2: The revolutionary Di2 shifting system solves the challenges drivetrains present to the power-delivery equation in cycling. Di2 gives you instant, accurate, lightning-fast shifts the first and every time, at the push of a button. Even in the most extreme conditions, shifting is precise and controlled. You can change gear even under heavy load while climbing or accelerating. With Di2, you are in complete control.

E-Tube: The E-Tube platform's “Plug & play” and D-Fly wireless connections make it easier than ever to check the system's status and apply customised settings to Di2 and Shimano Steps components with a PC, tablet or smartphone.

SEIS: A technological innovation of the computerised shifting system based on the Di2 concept with which is called, the SEIS (Shimano Electronic Intelligent System). The SEIS innovative shift technology is still based on the Shimano Index System (SIS) that has proved its superior gear changing characteristics over the years. The big difference is that in this case, the shifting action is provided for by electronics instead of mechanics. This electronic shifting system has been extensively tested over past two years by several professional riders in all conditions possible, such as rain, mud, low temperatures, cobblestone roads and combinations of all of these at the same time. Shifting is executed by simply pressing the button. No power is needed to shift, which gives important advantages since it is easier now to always keep a tight grip on the handlebar and to keep your concentration on riding instead on shifting. The shift system allows accurate and effortless shifting in difficult circumstances for example when you have cold hands or when you are completely exhausted. Furthermore, the shifting performance will never be affected by contaminated or stretched cables since the shifting signal is transferred electronically. The operating buttons work similarly to the mechanical Dual Control Lever, so you don’t need to re-program your mind for the SEIS.

Use: Gravel, Road
Speed: 11 speed
Reach Adjust: Tooled
Type: Dual control lever
Oil: Mineral oil
Recommended Brake Caliper: BR-RX810

Product Data
Speed: 11 Speed
Touring: Yes
Cyclocross: Yes
Road: Yes

Enjoy less noise, less fade and superior heat dissipation thanks to this model's Ice Technology keeping your stopping performance consistent. Easy to install and maintain with convenient tool access, this is a perfect upgrade for riders who demand multi-surface braking control wherever your next adventure takes you.

Ice Technologies: The fade, which can occur to disc brake rotor's and pad's when braking on a long downhill ride has a negative impact on the braking performance. Shimano has adopted Ice Technologies disc brake rotor and Ice Technologies pad to realize the cooling technology for consistent performance. The clad disc brake rotor blade, which has a 3 layer-sandwich structure of stainless steel, aluminium and stainless steel, provides better radiation performance achieving from 400°C to 300°C surface temperature. Also, the radiation fin has been adopted for the pad. Moreover, the clad disc brake rotor blade and the radiator fin provide long pad life, less noise, less fade and lightweight.

One Way Bleeding: One Way Bleeding was developed for quick and easy prevention of air in our hydraulic system. We have streamlined the oil route throughout the system to prevent air bubbles from being captured in the system. One way oil routing plus a funnel tool with mineral oil provides an easy and clean bleeding system.

Use: Gravel, Road
Speed: 11 speed
Excellent heat dissipation
Convenient tool access
Simple wheel replacement
Easy and clean bleeding system

Product Data
Touring: Yes
Cyclocross: Yes
Road: Yes

  • Model Type: GRX
  • Brand: Shimano
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