Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross bikes are extremely versatile and have the ability to conquer a variety of terrains such as gravel, grass and woodland terrains and paved roads. They are similar in shape and size to road bikes and feature generous tyre clearance. Our cyclocross frames are made with T800 carbon fibre and can be used with any brand of groupset you desire to support your riding.

Dolan Sporco Carbon Disc Cyclocross Bike
From £1,914.99
Cyclocross, tackling the twisting, muddy, actioned packed cross racing circuits, the Dolan Sporco is designed to take your performance to the next level.
Frame Material:Carbon
Groupsets:Shimano GRX
Brakes:Hydraulic Disc
UCI Approved:N/A
Tyres Sizes:35mm Max
Fittings:Bottle Bosses
Ideal Use
  • Cross
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What are Cyclocross Bikes?

Designed to be used on cyclocross courses or tracks, Cyclocross bikes are built to last on varying terrains such as mud, rocks, snow and sand. They sometimes resemble road bikes, however, cyclocross bikes have wider clearance in their frame geometry.

Cyclocross is a winter season off-road racing discipline. During a cyclocross race, riders will compete on an off-road circuit for a number of laps. The route will usually contain a range of different terrains, conditions and obstacles which the rider may have to carry their bike over.

Where the cyclocross bike (also known as a CX bike) differs from the likes of gravel bikes and standard road bikes is in its frame geometry. The Sporco frame is designed to be stiffer in-order to maximise power return and handling anything and everything a CX course can throw at you. Our Sporco is perfect for beginners and professional riders alike and comes with a custom lightweight carbon frame which can be tailored to your preference of components and colour customisation.

Why choose a cyclocross bike?

If you’re looking for a bike that can handle the closed courses of CX races, then the Dolan Sporco is for you. They’re great for gaining traction on terrains like sand, mud and tarmac.

They feature a lightweight carbon frame, drop handlebars and hydraulic disc brakes.


What are cyclocross bikes good for?

Built with CX courses in mind, these bikes are ideal for a range of terrains on off-road circuit races. They can easily be carried over obstacles thanks to their extremely lightweight build and they come with internal cable routing for a more streamlined riding experience.

What’s the difference between a cyclocross and a road bike?

Although both types of bike are designed to travel well across a range of terrain, their gears and tyre clearance differ. Cyclocross bikes are built for performance, speed and adaptability in mind, whereas road bikes are better suited to paved roads.

What's the difference between cyclocross bikes and gravel bikes?

Although both bike types look similar, their critical differences lie within their frame geometry and usage. Cyclocross bikes have a more comprehensive geometry and put the rider in a more race-ready position.

Do you have cyclocross bikes for sale in the UK?

Yes. At Dolan, we stock the Dolan Sporco Cyclocross bike. Designed to take your performance to the next level, the Sporco will have you weaving through challenging courses with ease.

Do you offer bike fitting for cyclocross bikes?

Our Sporco model can be custom-built for your size. When ordering your bike from us, please check out our geometry/size guide, which can help you choose the best size for your body.

Can cyclocross bikes be used for commuting?

Yes! Although built with racing in mind, cyclocross bikes can be used for commuting due to their versatile design.