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Shimano Sprocket Lock Ring Remover Tool For 1-1/8inch

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Ergonomic sprocket remover tool for 1-1/8 inch size sprockets

Shimano's TL-SR22 is a workshop quality bit of kit for getting your fixed sprocket super-tight. With an over-engineered lockring spanner and a heavy-duty chain whip, it'll cope with any 1/8" or 3/32" sprocket.

This tool is a heavy-duty bit of kit: you won't want to carry it around with you, but if you like to chop and change ratios on your fixed or track bike then it'll pay for itself soon enough. Well, quite soon anyway. £40 is a fair whack for a spanner but a threaded sprocket is something you really, really want to get properly tight as anyone who's ever pitched themselves over the bars after a slipped cog.

The lockring tool is capable of some serious torque, and you'll need to be careful with Aluminium lockrings as it's fairly easy to cut a chunk out if you go too hard with the big rubberised handle. The chain whip has five links of sturdy 1/8" chain and a separate link to hold the sprocket nice and firmly; it'll work with 3/32" cogs too although you'll need to take a bit more care.

If fixed or track riding is a big part of your life then you'll not find a sturdier sprocket tool than this. A workshop staple and once-only purchase.

  • Brand: Shimano
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