FFWD Track Wheels


Discover true speed and precision with our FFWD track wheels. Designed for track cycling enthusiasts, our FFWD track wheels offer riders unrivalled performance and aerodynamic excellence. Put simply: these wheels are the ultimate tool for dominating the velodrome. Glide effortlessly around the track as you experience the thrill of maximum speed. Our FFWD track wheels are meticulously crafted to minimise air resistance, meaning you can achieve higher velocities and break personal records.

The edge you need to outperform your competitors is here: FFWD track wheels are unbelievably lightweight for rapid acceleration and manoeuvrability. Whether you're a sprinter or a pursuit specialist, our track wheels are built to handle the demands of intense track racing. Navigate tight corners and high-speed turns with unparalleled control. It won’t be long before the FFWD range unlocks your inner speed demon. Quicken pursuit of victory and dominate the velodrome with the superior performance of FFWD track wheels.

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Fast Forward Disc-T Rear Wheel
£30.00 per month on finance
Fast Forward Disc-T Front Wheel
£30.00 per month on finance
FFWD FIVE-T track front wheel - (Black)
£36.72 per month on finance
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