Tandem Bikes

Whether you’re looking for a road tandem to enjoy on the weekends or a track-ready bike, we have you covered. Our range of tandem bikes has been designed with performance and durability in mind, meaning you can make the most of your ride no matter what. 

Around since the late 1800s, tandems have come a long way in terms of design and usage. With two riders, tandem bikes can reach higher speeds compared to standard road bikes and are used both recreationally and in events and competitions around the world.

Dolan TDT Tandem Track Bike
From £1,549.99
The Dolan TDT Tandem track bike is cut for speed. With a short headtube it enables both riders to lock-in that aero position in the heat of competition. Available in a white finish the TDT build consists of quality components that build upon the excellence of the lightweight aluminium frame. In a design that can be customised to your needs, the Alpina carbon bladed track fork provides ultimate stability. While the Alpina chain set and hand-built wheels consisting of Mavic A719 rims and 36-hole sealed bearings ensure optimal performance with precision handling on the track.
Frame Material:Aluminium
UCI Approved:N/A
Tyres Sizes:23mm
Ideal Use
  • Training
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Dolan TDR Tandem Disc Road Bike
From £2,349.98
The Dolan TDR Disc tandem is comprised of a lightweight aluminium frame offering ultra-precise handling for two-up riding. Engineered with a semi-sloping geometry that ensures increased vertical compliance and comfort, it allows both riders to find the ideal position for longer rides. Available in an eye-catching white, the high contrasting finish incorporates disc brakes for unbeatable stopping power regardless of load and conditions. The adaptable design allows for the addition of mudguards and panniers that in turn convert the TDR Disc into the ultimate year-round adventure machine.
Frame Material:Aluminium
UCI Approved:N/A
Tyres Sizes:28mm
Fittings:Mudguard Mounts F/R
Ideal Use
  • Commuting
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Dolan Tandem Bikes 

At Dolan, we currently offer two tandem bikes. The TDT is a track bike built for speed. It can be completely customised to your needs and offers a lightweight aluminium frame, handbuilt wheels and semi-sloping geometry for optimal performance on the track. The TDR Disc tandem is perfect for comfortable road riding and allows for add-ons such as panniers and mudguards making it the perfect all-year-round adventure tandem bike. 


Do I need to pedal at the same speed as my partner? 

When it comes to tandem riding, both riders should pedal at the same time and at the same pace in order to have an easy and smooth ride. However, both riders are not equal when it comes to riding a tandem bike. The front rider (captain) does all the steering and braking, whereas the back rider (stoker) simply pedals. The only thing that the two riders must do is pedal together. 

Who should go at the front of a tandem bike? 

If you’re riding a tandem for the first time, it’s hard to figure out who should be in front and who should be at the back. The rider who is more skilled at cycling should consider being the captain, as they’re the person who needs to both steer and brake. 

How hard is it to ride a tandem bike? 

Riding a tandem bike is harder compared to a standard bike as you have to coordinate your pedalling with the second rider. Additionally, the other rider’s balance and movements will also need to be taken into account. Tandem biking may require some practice if you’ve never done it before. 

What brakes do tandem bikes have? 

Dolan’s Tandem has a front and rear disc brake. It also has a third brake which is used as a backup. 

Do tandem bikes have gears?

Yes. Tandem bikes usually have gears. Some models have multiple gears while others use a single-speed design.