Single Speed Framesets

Riders who want a reliable and simple ride often opt for single speed framesets. Also known as fixie frames, they are affordable, lightweight and very easy to maintain, which makes them a great choice for both commuters and more serious riders. Our Dolan FXE single speed bike frame provides an efficient and comfortable ride, perfect for those who prefer a comfortable ride without all the bells and whistles.

From £149.99
With a minimalist approach, the Dolan FXE in a lightweight, sleek design encompasses all of the fundamental aspects of what makes a top urban bike. Designed for fixed-gear riding, the FXE is also compatible with flip flop hubs which provide the additional option of a fixed sprocket or freewheel. As an adaptable urban solution, it can be tailored to your own particular style.Compatible with front and rear mudguards, the FXE is the urban companion that performs in all weather, all year round. In a frame designed with an oversized downtube, it provides those sought-after characteristics of any urban bike, both low weight and stiffness. For ultimate efficiency on the fixed gear commute, the FXE is a top-performer.
Frame Material:Aluminium
Brakes:Rim Brake (57 mm deep drop caliper brake)
UCI Approved:N/A
Tyres Sizes:25mm With Mudguards / 28mm Without Mudguards
Fittings:Mudguard Mounts F/R
Ideal Use
  • Commuting
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Fixed Gear Framesets for Urban Living 

Popular with commuters, cycle couriers and avid urban cyclists alike, fixie bike frames are perfect for those who love retro, comfortable and low-maintenance rides. They make for reliable bikes that will get you from A to B in no time at all. They look the part and easily fit into apartments and smaller living spaces. 


What is a fixed gear frameset? 

Fixed gear framesets are often used by professional riders and athletes in competition or event settings such as those you find in a velodrome. Their key feature includes a lack of a freewheel mechanism, which means that if you’re moving you must pedal to stay on the bike itself. 

Do fixie and single-speed mean the same thing? 

To look at, both fixed-gear and single-speed bikes are extremely similar. They both feature rear cogs and front chainring, meaning that they both have one gear. However, the main difference is that single-speed bike framesets allow the rider to coast whereas fixie bikes require constant pedalling. 

Can you use any frame for a fixie bike?

If you’re an avid rider or bike builder, you can convert any frame to a fixed-gear bike. However, they must have horizontal dropouts in order for you to do this as they are a key component for creating tension in the chain. 

Can you stop pedalling on a fixed-gear bike? 

In short, no. The rear cog of a fixie bike is connected to the rear hub, which means if the wheel is turning then so are the cranks. Single-speed bikes however have a freewheel which allows the rider to coast without pedalling.