In our opinion, the most popular track bike, worldwide.
The popularity of the Dolan Pre Cursa speaks masses. Used as the hire bike of choice in velodromes all around the world, the triple butted 7005 Alloy tubed Dolan Pre Cursa is built to keep turning left for many years. Smooth welds on Dolan’s most purchased bike, combined with an oversized downtube ensure premium levels of performance whilst being in the budget of the many. Ridden by the complete novice giving track cycling a go for the first time, to being the frame of choice by the many in internationally ranking events expresses volumes for the alloy frame, carbon fork frameset. With the increase in the love of the single gear, when built with Dolan’s front brake option, the Dolan Pre Cursa creates a ride of a street riders dream. Nimble for those back streets, built with strength for those inner city heavy roads and eye-catching to turn heads with every pedal stroke the Dolan Pre Cursa holds its own as a fixed gear ride for vast numbers of fixie riders around the globe.
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Pre Cursa


7005 Triple Butted Frame

Engineered for supreme strength all in a minimal weight design that won’t hold you back when it comes to cranking out the big watts.

Oversized Down Tube

With serious watts comes the need for a frame engineered for strength under the maximum load of the most powerful riders in the world.

Sloping Geometry

For optimal stiffness leading to maximum power transfer to the track when it really matters.

Smooth Welds

For improved cosmetics and a sleek aero look and feel.

Sram Omnium Compatible

Who is it for?

Dolan Pre Cursa’s have been and will continue for years to come as the track bike of choice by velodromes on a worldwide scale. Whether a first timer on the velodrome boards or a seasoned sprinter the performance of the Dolan Pre Cursa will guarantee those left-hand turns will be packed full of enjoyment. Prefer the freedom of the roads your hometown has on offer, with the inclusion of a front brake, you can join the many fixed gear riders rolling around on the Dolan Pre Cursa. The simplicity the Dolan Pre Cursa brings is appreciated for year upon year.

Size 45cm 50cm 52cm 54cm 56cm 58cm 60cm
A Head Angle 71.0 73.0 73.0 74.0 75.0 75.0 75.0
B Head Tube Length (mm) 95 105 120 140 160 180 200
C Effective Top Tube Horizontal (mm) 498 525.7 535 547.2 555 570 608.8
D Seat Angle 76.0 75.0 75.0 75.0 74.0 74.0 74.0
E Seat Tube Length Center To Top (mm) 450 500 520 540 560 580 600
F Stack (mm) 487.5 503 516.9 539.5 561.3 580.6 599.9
G Reach (mm) 384.2 396 400.8 408 411.6 412.8 444.9


Want to find out more about The Dolan Pre Cursa? What is the warranty? Or What does the Pre Cursa weigh? The Answers to these and more can be found below.

The 7005 triple butted aluminium frame weighs approximately 1.7kg on a 54cm frame/Fork

The frame carries a 2 year warranty. All other parts have the standard manufacturer's warranty.

With the Alpina track fork the maximum tyre clearance is 23mm. When using the Dolan road fork the maximum tyre clearance is 28mm.

There are no mounts for bottle cages.

We recommend a maximum rider weight of 120kgs.

The BB shell is a traditional threaded 68mm British type

Alpina 27.2mm setback or inline aluminium seatpost and is supplied with the bike/Frame

The Pre Cursa can have a front brake fitted to the fork.

They are horizontal so you can adjust chain tension and wheelbase length.

Due to the many different systems people use we do not supply pedals with bikes.

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