7 Places to Sell Your Used Bike Before Buying a New One

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When you’re finally ready to upgrade your ride, selling your used bike can be a great way to earn extra cash. Now, someone else will experience the joy of riding your pre-loved bike while you shop around for a new model. 

Today, Dolan will take you through seven places to sell your used bike in the UK. But before we dive into the details, let's address two of the most vital questions when it comes to second-hand selling:

Are used bikes in demand?

Used bikes are always in demand! Commuters looking for an affordable and environmentally friendly way to get around often turn to cycling as a popular and sustainable mode of transportation. Not only are they eco-conscious, but buying second-hand is a great way to save money. 

The used-bike market is large, with many turning to second-hand sellers to purchase discontinued models that manufacturers no longer stock. More than ever, people are looking for new ways to commute and get their daily dose of exercise. 

When should I sell my bike?

Is your bike gathering dust in your garage? Perhaps it’s leaning against your garden fence and hasn’t been used in several weeks, months or years! If this sounds familiar, now may be the right time to trade in your used bike. 

Whether you’re not using your bike because you’re waiting for the newest model or simply don’t have time to cycle, the quicker you sell your bike, the better. Bike technology is ever-changing, meaning its resale value will depreciate as new models are released. 

If you’re not riding your bike as much as you once were, selling it sooner rather than later will generate a higher return.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are an easy-to-use, convenient way to reach a wider audience of cycling enthusiasts.


eBay is an established online marketplace that allows you to sell your used bike to a global audience. 

When you sell on eBay, you can set your own price and auction your bike off to the highest bidder. Or, you can sell it outright at a fixed price. 

You can also choose to offer free shipping or local pickup options, depending on where in the world the buyer lives. However, remember to consider eBay's selling fees when setting your price! 

They charge an overall value fee of approximately 12.8% of the total amount of the sale, including the item price, postage, taxes and any other applicable fees, plus a fixed charge of 30p per order.


Gumtree is a local classifieds website where you can sell your used bike to people in your area. 

Create a listing for your bike for free and set your own price, but remember to include details and a photo of the frame number in your advert. Gumtree also offers a "Bump Up" feature that will push your listing to the top of search results for increased visibility.

Facebook Marketplace

You can also use selling groups on Facebook Marketplace to find interested buyers in your area.

By creating a listing that clearly shows what the bike is, provides a description and has original pictures, you can sell your bike at your own fixed price. Plus, Marketplace allows you to communicate with potential buyers through Facebook Messenger for easy and convenient contact.   

Online marketplaces are a fantastic option for selling your used bike. You can contact global buyers with the touch of a button and open up your sale to millions of interested cyclists. However, take the necessary precautions when communicating with potential buyers and shipping your bike to ensure a smooth and safe transaction.


Preloved is a UK-based online marketplace where users can buy and sell their own second-hand items, including bikes! You can create a listing for your bike for free and set your chosen price.

Preloved also offers a premium membership option that allows you to promote your listing and expand your listing to a larger audience of buyers. On the Preloved website, you can find several tips for safe second-hand selling and buying.  

Bike-Specific Marketplaces


BikeExchange is a global online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of bikes and bike-related products. 

With BikeExchange, you can create a listing for your bike for free and set your own price. If you don’t find a buyer for your listing within two months, the site will offer you the chance to renew your ad for another 60 days at 50% of the original price.

Plus, BikeExchange allows you to view performance reports, and live web statistics and connects you instantly with any interested buyers. 


Pinkbike is a popular and accessible online marketplace for mountain bikes and related gear. 

Create a free listing for your bike and set a fixed price for buyers to consider. As with all bike sales, you’ll have to put your listing under a specific bike category, provide a description and inform buyers of any cosmetic scratches or damage to the bike frame. 

Pinkbike offers a local pick-up option, or the buyer can pay you via a PayPal transaction. 

Bike-specific marketplaces attract a targeted audience of bike enthusiasts, meaning you will definitely find several interested buyers!

Local Bike Shops 

Bike Shops Near You!

If you’re not tech-savvy and online marketplaces aren’t your first choice to sell, don’t worry.

Check Google to discover local bike shops in your area. Narrow down your options and do your research before heading out: you could find a shop that specialises in road bikes, mountain bikes, or the specific kind you’re looking to sell. 

Selling your bike to local businesses removes the hassle of listing it online or dealing with potential buyers. You’re not only guaranteed secure and immediate payment from a reputable seller, but you’re also supporting local businesses! 

Before visiting the shop, remember to clean your bike and ensure it’s in good working order: this will make a good impression and help with the appraisal process. 

Be realistic about pricing when selling through a small business: local bike shops need to make a profit, so be prepared to accept a lower price than you might get through an online marketplace or private sale. 

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