Bike Fit Service and pricing update

At Dolan, we recommend having a bike fit before making a purchase in-order to be confident that what you buy is right for you before you get it. This helps to avoid any costly mistakes and long-term discomfort on a new bike.

We don’t just provide our services for a Dolan bike purchase. We provide all our services for all riders on any brand of bike whether looking for a new bike or improving their current position. Particularly if experiencing discomfort on the bike or recovering from injury.

See our list of services and prices below. (For any service, we highly recommend bringing your current bike with you)

Bike fit with saddle pressure mapping - £250* (up to 3 hours)

Bike fit carried out on our Purely Custom size cycle with the use of MotionMetriq motion capture and saddle pressure mapping provided by GebioMized. Includes foot and shoe analysis, cleat fitting and bike set up. Please note: some component changes e.g. handlebars and chainsets will require a separate workshop booking to complete.

*Analysis of an additional bike/position is a further £100

*If purchasing a Dolan bike on the day of your appointment, this session will be reduced by £50.

Bike Sizing – £100* (Up to 1.5hr)

This session helps to deduce suitable frame size and component sizes along with ideal saddle height and reach measurements for the bike you would like to purchase.

*Requires £50 deposit to make a booking.

If purchasing a Dolan bike, this session will be FREE

If you have questions about other aspects of your position or it is revealed you require further analysis, we recommend booking a full bike fit session.

Follow up Consultation - £100 (Up to 1.5hr)

This session will review your current position on the bike.

This is only available if you have had a previous bike fit with us in the last 24 months.

Please bring your existing bike with you to the session

Saddle Pressure Mapping (£100) (Up to 1.5hr)

This session analyses whether the interaction between rider and saddle needs to change or the saddle itself using GebioMized saddle pressure mapping.

If you have questions about other aspects of your position, we recommend booking a bike fit session.

If a new saddle is purchased on the day of booking, £25 will be reduced off the cost.

Shoe sizing and cleat fit - £50* (Upto 45mins)

This session reviews the Foot, Shoe and Pedal interface. Includes left and right foot assessment and measurement. This includes setup of new shoes and cleats where required. Including shoes that require heat moulding.

Cleat position is assumed to be in a suitable position. If you have questions about other aspects of your fit, we recommend booking a full bike fit.

*If shoes are purchased from us on the day of your appointment, the fitting fee will be credited against a pair of shoes ordered.

**If adding custom footbeds these will be reduced to £45.00.

***New cleats are also an additional charge.

Supply and Fit One pair of Carbon Superfeet Footbeds £80.00 (Up to 45mins)

Session to optimise the foot-shoe interface. Includes off the bike assessment of foot structure and stability followed by moulding, finishing and fitting the footbed into the shoe. This service does not include any on-the-bike analysis and assumes a satisfactory shoe/cleat/bike set-up. If you have any further questions regarding your position, we recommend a full bike fit session.

If Purchasing shoes, the cost of insoles is reduced to £45.00


Here is some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions
No a bike fit is not included on the C2W scheme must be purchased separately

Bookings may be rearranged with more than 24 hours notice. If cancelled, deposit is non-refundable

No a bike fit is not included on Finance must be purchased separately

For both premium and bike sizing fittings, we ask that you bring your cycling shoes, cycling shorts and jersey"

You can book your bike fit by contacting us by email ( or by phone (01704 897711)

You will get a full bike fit report for the premium fit but not for bike sizing service

We ask that you bring your bike when attending a premium fit but you do not need to for a bike sizing service

"We always recommend being fitted for your new bike well in advance of collecting it. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to your bike set-up without delaying your order."

Our bike fits only take place between Monday-Friday and at the following times; Basic Sizings at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 and the Premium Fittings at 9:00 and 13:00.