Handlebar Width

(A) Arm Width<3637383940414243>
(B) Bar Width (Center - Center) 38 40 42 44
(C) Bar Width (Outside - Outside) 40 42 44 46


Measure the distance between the bony protrusions in your shoulder joints, this will give you a rough idea of the handle bar size you require. Then add a further 2cm to your arm measurements to allow for the natural radiating of your arms when riding.

This guide is for handlebars which are measured from center to center. please be aware! Each manufacturer measures their bars differently! Make sure you check whether the bars you are looking at are measured center to center or outside to outside. if your bars are measured outside to outside you need to add a further 4cm to your arm measurements to account for this difference.

This guide will give you a rough idea of the handlebar width you require. However, it is important that you are comfortable! Riders choose different widths depending on their riding style. It is also important to consider when choosing a handlebar, a wider bar opens the chest for better breathing and greater leverage, whereas a narrower bar is more aerodynamic. With Track Bikes you would usually go down a bar size.

Stem Length


This is a rough guide to finding the correct stem length, it is by no means the most scientific method but will give you a good indication of the stem length that best suits your needs. The #1 rule while sizing for a stem is, MAKE SURE YOUR COMFORTABLE! Choosing a stem comes down to personal choice and riding style, therefore it is important that you are comfortable whilst riding. If you are struggling to choose a stem length, please see the chart below for our recommendation.

  1. Get on your bike and place your hands on the top of the lever hoods.
  2. Look down and sight the front hub through your handlebars.
  3. Your handlebars should completely hide the front hub indicating the correct stem length (see figure B above).
  4. If the front hub appears behind the handlebars, the stem is too long and you will require a shorter stem (see figure A above).
  5. If the front hub appears in front of the handlebars, the stem is too short and you will require a longer stem (see figure C above).

We recommend the following stem lengths for Bikes (for a cyclist with an average reach).

Top Tube Length Suggested Stem Length
45cm Horizontal 80mm
50cm Horizontal 90mm
52cm Horizontal 100mm
54cm Horizontal 110mm
56cm Horizontal 120mm
58cm Horizontal 120mm
60cm Horizontal 130mm
62cm Horizontal 130mm
44cm Sloping 90mm
45cm Sloping 90mm
48cm Sloping 100mm
50cm Sloping 100mm
52cm Sloping 110mm
54cm Sloping 110mm
56cm Sloping 120mm