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Dolan Preffisio Aluminium Road Frameset

The Dolan Preffisio, the ideal winter training partner! A practical package with race geometry, this frameset combines the lively feel of aluminium with the convenience of mudguard clearance. Frame and Fork suitable for 25mm tyres, standard drop callipers, front and rear mudguard mounts and a rear pannier rack mount.

Bike Features

  • Mudguard Bosses
  • Pannier Rack Bosses
  • Traditional Geometry

Ideal Use

  • Commuting
  • Sportive
  • Touring
  • Training
  • Winter Riding
  1. 87% "The Prefissio is a perfect winter trainer for the competitive cyclist, but it has also been ridden in the highest-profile way by beginners."
  2. "This is a lively and responsive bike, as happy to carve a tight bend as dearer out-and-out racing bikes, and excellent brakes give you the confidence to tackle descents at speed."

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Product Description


The Dolan Preffisio, the ideal winter training partner! A practical package with race geometry, this frameset combines the lively feel of aluminium with the convenience of mudguard clearance. Frame and Fork suitable for 25mm tyres, standard drop callipers, front and rear mudguard mounts and a rear pannier rack mount.

Frame Details
  • Frame:Dolan Preffisio 7005 Aluminium Double Butted.
  • Fork: Alpina carbon fork 1 1/8 Int, Carbon Fibre Blades, Aluminium Steering Column.
  • Seat Post: Alpina Aluminium, 27.2.
  • Headset: Alpina 1 1/8th Integral - 36*45.
  • Colour: Red/White/Black - Blue/White/Black, Gloss Finish.
  • Front Mech Clamp Size: 31.9mm. (Not Included In Frameset)
  • Seat Clamp: Alpina - Alloy - Black, 31.9.


What’s in the Box

  • Frame:Dolan Preffisio 7005 Aluminium Double Butted.
  • Fork: Alpina carbon fork 1 1/8 Int, Carbon Fibre Blades, Aluminium Steering Column.
  • Seat Post: Alpina Aluminium, 27.2.
  • Headset: Alpina 1 1/8th Integral - 36*45.
  • Seat Clamp: Alpina - Alloy - Black, 31.9.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Preffisio
Weight 0.0000
Frame Geometry Traditional
Frame Material Aluminium
Frame Use Commuting, Sportive, Touring, Training, Winter Riding
Frame Weight 1.86kg (54cm)
Seatclamp Diameter 31.9mm
Seatpost Diameter 27.2mm
Front Mech Diameter 31.9mm
Wheel Size 700c
Tyre Clearance 25mm Max
Brake Fitting Drop 48mm Drop Calipers
Mudguard Mounts Yes
Rack Mounts Yes
Bottlecage Mounts 2 Sets Of Bosses
Bottom bracket thread British
Replacable rear dropout Yes
Headset type Threadless (A-Head)
Cartridge bearing type N/A
Frame Sizes Available 45cm, 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm, 62cm


Don't hesitate it's a great frame.Review by Gary
Bought the previous version with a straight top tube.New versions have sloping geometry with a taller head tube.
Built with campag veloce and scirocco wheels. This frame is so comfortable yet you can really turn up the pressure when you want to drop your mates.
I am 56, weigh14 stones 10, usually riding a 56 ct with a 56 top tube. This frame has a 54.5 top tube size 54. Possibly a smidgen too small but it feels great.

I run 25mm tyres at 85psi. The veloce brakes needed a couple of mils filing to make sure the brake blocks seat the rim (Posted on 07/03/2017)
Quality item Review by Daniel
I bought this frameset to build a winter trainer. This is a quality frameset, arriving well packaged and quickly. (Posted on 04/11/2016)
great value and a lovely looking framesetReview by Robert
I decided to build a winter bike, after lots of research I decided on this frameset.
The value for money cannot be beaten. A frame, forks, headset and seatpost.
The finish on the frame is great and I love the design.

I built this up with mavic wheels and a sram apex groupset. Weight of the bike with pedals is around 9.5kg on a 50cm frame.
It isn't super lightweight but perfect as a winter trainer and to be honest it is better than some entry level bikes. You could ride this all year round.

The ride is better than I expected, the front forks do a good job of killing road buzz, the rear end is a bit rough on bumpy roads but not as bad as I expected compared to other alloy bikes I've ridden and I guess this would improve with a carbon seatpost.

The customer service at Dolan is great, they email back quickly and could answer some technical questions about the Bb and helped me decide which framesize to buy

About 2 days after I placed the order it was delivered.

(Posted on 25/05/2016)
Really delightedReview by John
Bought last summer, fitted it with 10 year old Ksyrium Elites, a nine speed set-up comprising old ultegra sti's, old XT rear mech, 14/34 cassette, and a new Sora 34/46 chainset. What a mixture ! , but it works really well for this 72 year old and gets me up any hill with no sweat. Why have any other frameset ? (Posted on 10/05/2016)
Exceptional value, versatile rideReview by Graham
I have been using this frameset over the winter and I am really impressed with its handling and ride. I have been so impressed I decided to use it for the Four of Flanders sportive, removing the mudguards and using 25mm tyres it coped fine with the cobbled terrain. What more could you want from a £200 frameset. (Posted on 18/04/2016)
It all works!Review by Mark
After plenty of searching I overlooked the (too low!) price and ordered a Preffisio. I got a soiled one as I think the size was out of stock otherwise.

I think that the money I might have saved on the soiled frame was offset due to no seat pin. I already had one, so no biggy.
The rear hanger is very lightweight. My inept fitting of the rear mech screwed it - ordered and replaced in a couple of days.
I had an old Mavic BB that I couldn't fit, probably due to finishing inside the frames BB, but fitting a Campag (smaller diameter) solved.

Rides well and after 6 months of hard use hardly a chip to be seen
Nice handling
25mm tyres and guards fit perfectly.

The 'bad' items are long forgotten as the outcome is a really good frame and riding experience and good, speedy assistance from Dolan. (Posted on 21/08/2015)
Best kept secretReview by Steve
This has to be one of the best value framesets around. I wasn't expecting a lot for £200 but this frame is amazing. It comes complete with alloy seat pin, headset and even the bottom bracket cable guide. Things which other manufacturers charge as extras. Built up with a 5800 group set, mudguards and 25c tyres it makes a perfect winter bike. It climbs well and handles assuredly and inspires confidence on fast descents. Well recommended. (Posted on 13/01/2015)
The perfect winter training bikeReview by Balint
I bought this frame set to build it up for a winter training bike. I've ridden around 1000 kilometres on it in the six weeks and it's a really nice bike. I'm very happy with it and I can thoroughly recommend it.

ps: the specs says 25mm tyres max. I put on 28mm tyres and there were no problems. The only reason I had to go back to 25mm because the larger tyres were rubbing against the narrow SKS mudguards.
(Posted on 31/12/2014)
Really impressedReview by Billy
Asked my wife to buy this frame set as a Christmas gift - was really impressed when I unpacked the box.

Built it yesterday and had no problems at all, everything fitted fine.

I got this to replace my old winter trainer and was a bit worried how it would ride, found out today - great. It handled very well on both climbs and downhill. It got a real battering as the roads up here are shocking. None of the guys had seen a Dolan in the flesh before but were all complementary.

I would fully recommend this frame set to anyone looking for a trainer. (Posted on 30/12/2014)
Fantastic frameset!Review by Simon
I bought this frameset to build a winter bike as I had enough spare parts to build the complete bike. I wasn't expecting it to be great as it's only the winter bike, but I was very surprised when I first rode it - very smooth and comfortable, gliding along the road silently. It feels reassuring stable and planted on corners.

It was also a joy to build. I like the seat clamp design. It's very easy to adjust the tilt, unlike the one on my old cervélo which is very fiddly and requires trial and error to get right.

I'm also not noticibly slower on this than I am on my summer bike. I should take it easier in the winter months, but this bike just wants to go! (Posted on 23/11/2014)
Excellent RideReview by Stuart
After replacing most of the components on my old unbranded bike i discovered the frame was cracked. After a long internet search i found the Dolan Preffisio Frameset at a very good price inc seat post etc and took the plunge.
The frame was delivered swiftly by Dolan and after a day swapping the components I took the bike for a 30 mile ride over the Surrey Hills and what a surprise! A very smooth ride and still climbs well.It now feels i could ride all day and not get so tired, roll on the next Sportive..
I was looking for a new Carbon Bike and this was to be my winter/trainer but Im seriously reconsidering!! (Posted on 27/07/2014)
Fantastic value - don't be put off by the low price!Review by Howard
I bought my frame set at the end of 2012 and built it up with an Ultegra group set, mudguards and a rack as my new work bike. I knew on the first ride I had got something special. It is the most stable handling bike I have ever ridden.
It has coped well with the first 16 months of my 36 km daily commute to Munich as well as winter club runs and has now completed about 20000 km without any problems. (Posted on 29/04/2014)
fab all-round bikeReview by Nick (speed hump) Barnes
I have a 2012 Tiagra--equipped Preffiisio....(on the cycle-scheme, a £ a day if you are a higher rate tax-payer) has become the bike I commute on, the bike I do the family shop on (helped by a big Ortlieb messenger bag) and the bike I go to the pub on with my mates (via a 25km detour) every Thursday night. It's the bike I do the 109km to my house in Normandy on. It's also the bike my teenage sons want when I die and the bike I went up Alpe d'Huez on in 1hr 13 mins (I am 50) in 2013 and the bike I going up the Ventoux on in 2014..forget Specialized, Giant etc etc...just buy one.." (Posted on 28/01/2014)
Better than expected!Review by Phil
I bought this frame to replace an older one I considered too big (read Greg Lemond's book - Complete Book of Cycling) and was extremely pleased with quality for the price. Having ridden it and got my setup right all I can say is it flies! It is very comfortable and handles positively with no wobbles at speed. Spent a bomb this summer on an expensive bike and now find my favourite steed cost £200! Can't praise this frame enough and when the winter comes I can fit mudguards and a rack. One word - brilliant. Just one word of warning, you have to fit the star washer yourself (can't expect Dolan to do this as you need to fit the fork to your measurements). Check out YouTube and plenty of DIY videos there. (Posted on 24/09/2013)
Very good customer serviceReview by Tim Pinkstone
"Really pleased with this - bought this last month as my existing frame was too small and agree with most of the comments above on quality versus price. Very good customer service (to the extent I am actually drafting a review which is rare for me).

It even has my name on which is a lovely touch! "
(Posted on 09/06/2013)
Absolute bargain Dolan thank youReview by scottie5852
Well I bought this frame to build a bike and learn how it all works and now after three rides I have decided I am keeping this as a winter bike and building a new summer bike. It is a very good ride even though it's so cheap. I'm running mixed sram kit and mavic wheels and it's a dream. Absolute bargain Dolan thank you
(Posted on 07/06/2013)
This is the greatest £500 frameset I have ever ridden!Review by Sam
Bought this frame to do a light tour later on this year, was expecting a harsher ride than my steel road frame, but I was wrong! The build quality of this is excellent, its probably the stiffest frame I have used that remains this comfortable. The handling feels good, with an adjustable stem you can switch between relaxed and aggressive position in an instant, which is handy as I shall use this as my winter/reliable club bike whilst I am not touring, and I like a pretty aggressive position!
I have ridden this frame for around a fortnight now, and I simply cannot fault it. This is the greatest £500 frameset I have ever ridden!
(Posted on 07/06/2013)
Bought this to replace the frame of my main bike.Review by Jon Polley
Bought this to replace the frame of my main bike. The old one was always on the small side - 56cm ct and I'm just over 6 foot - I brought the 60cm to give a slightly more upright position, fits fine, I also wanted something with mud guard eyes and rack mounts to give a bit more versatility but still have fast geometry. My budget was £250 and this looked the best option after much research on the web. I ordered on Sunday night, it arrived the following tuesday and, as Zippy says above, it was well prepared and a doddle to build. The only thing to mention is that it does come as a kit of parts so I decided to pay the local bike shop a tenner to fit the headset, money well spent in the absence of a head set press. Its a brilliant frame for the money and at just under£200 is a complete bargain. Thank you Dolan.
(Posted on 07/06/2013)
The price is amazingReview by John Doran
A bit late to be building a new winter bike but decided to anyway. The price is amazing, the quality excellent. Easy to build, the headset fitted like a dream, BB threads clean. I expected a harsh ride but no, very comfortable although I fitted a specialized carbon seat post with Zertz insert. Would def' recommend this frame it has to be one of the best value frames on the market.
(Posted on 16/05/2013)
At this price point i'd give it 11 Review by zippy
"I got one of these to replace a winter frame that wasn't much good. The dolan is good, very good. The preffissio's handling is excellent as is the smoth ride. I knew i was possibly onto a good thing when it was so easy to build. The threads were clean and crisp, the headset prefitted and the seatpost easy to adjust. Mudguard clearance is spot on . Marks out of ten ?

At this price point i'd give it 11 !"
(Posted on 16/05/2013)

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