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If you wish to order a bike and take advantage of the government backed Cycle to Work initiative, read on. Cycle to Work can save between 25-42% off the price of a New bike through tax and National Insurance savings. It's open to everybody andcurrently the following information applies.

 As of the 20/06/19 We no longer charge an admin fee on full priced non outlet bikes&framesets.



Overview of the scheme in 4 simple steps:

  1. Place an order for your bike,accersorisorcomponents on our website.
  2. Apply for your voucher using your scheme providers instructions.
  3. E-certificates can be forwarded to us by email
  4. Paper Certificates can be signed and sent by post, but please take a copy or scan beforehand, it is recommended that you use a 'signed for'serviceorequivalentt
  5. We will contact you once the voucher/certificate has been recieved to arrange any additional payments or any Admin Fee's (Admin Fee's apply To Outlet Bikes Only) 
  6. We can then arrange a date for your bike to be built, this will be between 7-10 working days from when we receive your voucher and any additioanl payments.

1: Place an order for your bike on our website 
Once you know what you are allowed to purchase on the scheme it is time to order your bike off our website. This is just like any other purchase; browse our website for the bike and equipment you wish to purchase, add the items to your basket.Next register an account on our web site and gotothecheck out, fill in your details for delivery before you are diverted to the payment page. At thepaymentpage you will be able to see the credit/debit card, pay pal and finance options but you will need to select the cycle scheme option, and then the scheme company you are dealing with. Once you have placed the order, this will generate it on our system and will be kept for a maximum of 28 days, so you will need to provide us with your certificate within this time frame or the orderwillbeautomaticly cancelled and you will have tore issue a New order on our system.


2: Apply for your voucher using your scheme providers' instructions 
These are the various ways in which you can apply for a voucher:
If your employer is registered with Cyclescheme, click here for more information. -

Vivup Cyclescheme. 
If your employer is registered with VIVUP, click here for more information.

Cycle Plus. 
If your employer is registered with Cycle Plus, click here for more information.

Bike 2 Work.
If your employer is registered with Bike  2 Work, click here for more information. 

Halfords Cycle 2 Work.
If your employer is registered with Halfords Cycle 2 Work, click here for more information.

If your employer is registered with Gemelli Employee Benefits, click here for more information. 

Wheelies Cycle Solutions
If your employer is registered with Wheelies Cycle Solutions, click here for more information. 

Caboodle - Salary Exchange
If your employer is registered with Caboodle Salary Exchange, click here for more information.

Enjoy Benefits
If your employer is registered with Enjoy Benefits, click here for more information.

Green Commute initiative Ltd
If your employer is registered with Green commute initiative, click here for more information


3: Sign your voucher and Send it to us; we can then arrange a date for your bike 
Address your voucher as follows:
Cycle to Work
Dolan Bikes Ltd
Unit 8 Old Boundary Way
L39 2YW

You will also need to include a photocopy of some photo-identification (e.g. Drivers License, Passport). Once we have your voucher we will contact you to take any additional payment over the voucher value.

If you would like to use any other form of Cycle to Work voucher such as an Ecertificate, please email a copy to

1. Once I receive the bike, do I become its rightful owner?
Your employer remains the legal owner of the bike until the end of the lease period.Atthatpoint your employer may choose to either keep the bike or sell it to you for a "nominal sum" as laid out in the terms of their scheme.

2. You've got an offer on now and I don't get my voucher for another few weeks. Can I order a bike now on my credit card to reserve it, then get a refund and pay with my voucher when I get it?
No, we need the voucher before we can process your order further.

3. How long after I've ordered can I expect to get my bike?
Once you've ordered we'll ask you to send us your signed voucher along with some Photo ID. Once we've received your voucher, we'll contact you to make any additional payments due on the order and arrange a delivery date which is usually 7-10 working days once we have received your voucher.

4. Can I make an additional payment over the voucher value?
If you would like to spend abouve the voucher value a payment can be made by calling us on 01695 581166 with your card details.

5. How long have I got to get the voucher to you before the order is cancelled? 
You have 28 days to get the voucher to us from date of order.

6. What bikes are available on the scheme? 
You can purchase any of the bikes on our website on the cycle to work scheme, please note that outlet bikes will incur a 10% admin fee and these bikes can only be purchased if you already have the certificate ready to use.

7. I have received a e Certificate from cyclescheme. What do I do now? 
You need to forward the e-mail to and attach a copy of your photo ID (e.g. passport, driving license).

 Still not got all the answers? Have a look at the small print here or email our specialists at 01695 581166