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Sugino is a Japanese manufacturer of road and track bicycle components, founded in Nara, Japan, in 1910. It made a variety of cycling components, including cranksets and chainrings. After flagging in popularity due to Shimano's increased dominance of the Japanese bicycle component industry in the 90s, the company has recently become more prominent, due to the rising popularity of fixed-gear bicycles and the cache associated with the "Sugino 75" track racing equipment.

The Sugino 75 was a symbol of power and success, it was part of the Sugino 75 groupset, produced to celebrate Sugino's 75th anniversary.

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Sugino Cranksets

The lightweight versatile Track RD2 Crankset, for speed and control when you need it.

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Sugino Chainrings

A Selection of Chainrings from the track specialists with a various set of sizes.

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Sugino Cranks

Power when you need it, with a variety of crank lengths and NJS Certified materials.

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Sugino Bottom Brackets

Get the most out of your Sugino cranksets with performance built bottom brackets.

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  1. Sugino ZEN Chainring

    Sugino ZEN Chainring

    Zen is then the fundamental perfection of everything existing, and is known by all the great saints and sages of all times. Zen is, rather than a method to bring people to more

  2. Sugino SG75 Cranks

    Sugino SG75 Cranks

    The Sugino 75 cranks are available in arm lengths of 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm. more


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