Bike Fitting Service

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Consultation £19.99

The bike fitting consultation will start off firstly scanning your body using the CRM Body Scanning Machine this will take measurements from four points on your body.

Once we have these measurements we are able to advise you on which frame size, stem length and bar width would best suit your needs, these measurements will then be used to build your new bicycle.

We will then give you a Sella Italia ID saddle fitting and advise you on which style/model of a saddle is best suited to your anatomy.

(Once we have received your booking confirmation we will call you to arrange the £19.99 payment)

Final bike fitting (Performance Fit) £39.99 (Road/Track Bikes) - £69.99 (TT/Tri Bikes)
Once our qualified mechanics have built up your bicycle we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to come and collect the bike and you can then book your fitting below  (Mon-Fri 9-5 pm).

Your bike will be set up on one of our turbo trainers and our experienced staff will adjust your saddle and stem length if required to obtain the correct riding position.
We would recommend bringing your cycling shorts shoes, pedals and jersey for the final bike fitting.
(Once we have received your booking confirmation we will call you to arrange the payment)

***Please Add To Comments You Would Like A Second Fitting when collecting your New bike***

Everyone can benefit from having their bike correctly set up, it can greatly improve performance and reduce the risk of injury to the rider. A correct fit helps you make the most of your bike and the enjoyment you get from riding it. In order to book a slot please start by selecting a date and time on the calendar at the bottom of this page.


The Body Scanning CRM bike was developed in cooperation with orthopaedic specialists; physiotherapists; cyclists; and engineers. The system allows physical measurements to be taken without the need for direct physical contact between sales representatives and clients, seeking to find their ideal ergonomic bicycle seat position and to calculate their perfect frame geometry.

A bicycle finely tuned and adjusted precisely to your body’s ergonomic needs will increase your power, while decreasing health risks. We recommend your bicycle dealer adjust the ergonomic settings of your bicycle as accurately as possible, based on the correct analysis of your individual biometric data and the bicycle’s designated purpose.

It all starts with the saddle measurement and its correct height. It’s measured with an adjustment gauge called the bike adjustment device. The measurement is taken from the centre of the crank screw up to the upper- edge of the saddle. Or with the ergonomic step saddle, up to the upper edge of the step.

The saddle offset or saddle position is crucial for the right feel and power while pedalling. The saddle offset is measured vertically from the bottom bracket to the front of the saddle The angle between the force affecting the foot pedal and the force affecting the crank arm is determined by the saddle to offset This angle must be optimised for the full crank arm rotation (360 degrees). The saddle offset is measured with the adjustment gauge (Bike Adjustment Device).

The handlebar height is adjusted relative to the saddle height. In this case, there is a lot of tolerance; with three basic back postures: comfortable; mezzo and athletic, with many positions in between. These three-seat positions, always correspond to the chosen bicycle category. The handlebar height is measured with the adjustment gauge (bike Adjustment Device).

The correct distance between the saddle and the handlebar will depend on upper body length and the seat position. It’s measured from the front end of the saddle to the handlebar grip. This distance often determines the choice of the bicycle frame. The distance between the saddle and the handlebar is either measured with the adjustment gauge (Bike Adjustment Device) or it is calculated with the top tube calculator, in the event that the frame only exists as geometrical information in a catalogue.


A member of staff will contact you to arrange a time & date.